Code of Conduct KIDS

All children are welcome at RINCON! We believe that TTRPG is a hobby for the whole family. Children under 12 have free entrance and there is free Ranja (lemonade) available.

To make it as enjoyable as possible for everyone, there are a few things we ask you to keep in mind if you bring children to the convention.

  • There may be cosplay, which means people can attend the con dressed up. Some costumes might be a little scary for your little ones. Rest assured the cosplayers do not bite and are simply people in costumes.
  • In the vendor room, the key is to pay close attention to your children.Some items being sold may be very exciting to your child (think of a large miniature of a roaring dragon), but many items are handmade, precious and breakable.
  • If your child does accidentally damage something, we ask that you come to a solution together with the vendor. They make and sell these items with love. We hope you treat them that way too.
  • There is a library where you can read books together with your child. The books cannot be taken home.
  • There is an area for breastfeeding in peace. There is a Snoezelruimte/Multi sensory room for neurodivergent kids to use.
  • You are not supposed to leave children unattended.

We understand that children are children and are sometimes busy or a little louder than average. We want everyone to have fun at our con, so we ask that you be mindful that it also remains fun and enjoyable for everyone.

We have a special “baby” queue for the vendor room. Should you keep waiting outside because you need to nurse your baby, you can enter the vendor room as soon as your partner comes out of the vendor room with gear so you don’t have to wait in line again. Baby carriages are allowed in the vendor room as long as it is not too busy inside. The volunteers at the vender room entrance will inform you if you can take your carriage inside.

There are special children’s activities. Take a look at For the Kids

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