COVID Measures

We want to keep the con fun, epic, accessible and certainly safe for everyone. COVID is still an important problem in our society and therefore we at RINCON pay attention to this. We will always follow the advice and measures of RIVM in the Netherlands.

In addition, face masks are desirable and encouraged, however, they are not mandatory. We also ask you to frequently wash or desinfect your hands.

We are in a modern building which also houses a school

(in a different part of the building). Because of this, ventilation and CO2 monitoring is well regulated. They have a CO2 meter and the rooms are and can be adequately ventilated.

There is frequent contact with the location throughout the day to make sure the CO2 levels do not get too high and timely action can be taken.

We also hope that people will pay attention to the distance between themselves and each other’s personal space. This is not only good for COVID but also for individual people; not everyone has the same amount of personal space and not everyone likes to be less careful. We understand that at a convention it can quickly become crowded, but we ask you to use your own insight; is a vendor e.g. very busy right now, then please come back later. You might even have more opportunity for a nice conversation or good explanation.

We would appreciate it if everyone who comes to the convention does this online check the day before or the day itself:

If this check advises you to stay home, we strongly urge you not to attend RINCON for your own safety and the safety of others.
We understand that this must be a huge disappointment but health and safety comes first.
To ease the pain we are offering you to start an application with a positive GGD test/recovery certificate (with a test date BEFORE the con) to convert your ticket for RINCON 2023 to a valid ticket for 2024! 
You can do this by submitting a FORM OF REFUND

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