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Daggerheart Heist – Mad Monarch’s Court of Chaos

7 april @ 14:00 17:30




🌐Language: English
📌Location: Live Game Room 2
🎤Hosted by: Yannick

Hidden deep within the endless verdance of the ancient Sablewood, lost travelers find their way in the vibrant kingdom of the Mad Monarch, an opulent Faerie tyrant who seizes control of his subject’s dreams, forcing them to abide by his chaotic etiquette or be banished to an endless slumber. None have been strong enough to oppose the Monarch, the few brave souls that tried were forced into sleepwalking servitude. However, there is hope. For your group has discovered the source of the Monarch’s power, the Grimoire of Dreams. A tome that stores the names of all of the Monarch’s subjects, granting him the power to control their dreams. The Monarch always carries the Grimoire on his person, save for this fateful night. The Twilight Dance is a yearly gala where the entire Monarch’s court is invited for a night of dancing and socializing, hosted by the Monarch himself. The Monarch greatly enjoys gaudy events of the like, but the main reason behind the Dance is for him to keep an eye on his subjects, potentially catching them in the act of treason, or worse: wearing the color purple! During this night, and this night only, the Monarch stashes his Grimoire away in the vault of his palace, since he deems it too risky to carry the tome with him when surrounded by so many grubby hands. This is where your band of brave (or foolish) heroes comes in. With the Monarch distracted by the gala, you have a chance to plan a heist that will save the kingdom from their oppressing tyrant! During this adventure, you will infiltrate the Monarch’s court during the Twilight Dance, find allies and enemies between the attendees, slip past the Palace defenses and the Monarch’s gaze, and claim the Grimoire of Dreams.

If you are unable to make this panel or changed your mind, please email us at events@rollinitiativecon.nl so we can open up the spot for somebody else.

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