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The Hangover

7 april @ 10:30 13:30




🌐Language: English
📌Location: Live Game Room 2
🎤Hosted by: Yannick – Driving Dungeon

Hey Adventurers! Brace yourselves for a wild and whimsical journey in Driving Dungeon’s latest one-shot, “The Hangover,” exclusively at Roll Initiative Con. Waking up in a mysterious world with no memories of the night before, you and your fellow adventurers must piece together the puzzle of your forgotten escapades. Expect the unexpected as you encounter quirky characters, bizarre challenges, and hilarious twists in this unforgettable quest.

Perfect for both RPG veterans and newbies, “The Hangover” promises a blend of humor, intrigue, and camaraderie. So, gather your friends and prepare for an adventure filled with laughter, surprises, and a touch of chaos. It’s time to solve the riddle of the night that’s been lost to time!

The Hangover

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If you are unable to make this panel or changed your mind, please email us at events@rollinitiativecon.nl so we can open up the spot for somebody else.

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