Who is behind Roll Initiative Con?

The Organizer - Annemarie

I am Annemarie from RedHead Games, and I’m a freelance game & content creator for TTRPGs such as Dungeon and Dragons 5th Edition.

I love creating character concepts, cities and worlds, and story elements for tabletop RPGs such as Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. Because of this love I wanted to set up the First All Dutch TTRPG Convention: Roll Initiative Con 2023

If you want to see my work or know more about me, check out my subreddit.

In the past, I have been the chair of de Speelosaurus Foundation (website in Dutch). The Gelderlander wrote about my community work here (article in Dutch).

A photo of Annemarie. She is a woman in her 30s with short red hair and blue eyes. She lies on a carpet of green grass and smiles up towards the camera.
Cover of the Thieves Guild aupplement by Annemarie de Leeuw. A man dressed in black clothing, including a hood and mask reaching his nose, climbs up a building.

Honor in the Shadows

This handout provides rules and suggestions to place a fully operational Thieves Guild in your world.

Cover for Annemarie de Leeuw's Thieve Guild Items supplement. It shows a black key with an ornate handle that looks like the aerial view of a labyrinth.

Thieves Guild & Black Market Items

Mundane and magic items to buy on the black market or at the Thieves Guild shop.

Logo of the Speelosaurus. It shoes a smiling green-yellow dinosaur head in a round yellow O.


De SpeelOsaurus is een speelotheek; een plek waar speelgoed geleend kan worden.

The SpeelOsaurus is a toy library, a place where you can borrow toys.

Volunteers of RINCON behind the scenes

About Sarah

I’m Sarah, an independent game designer, world builder, game master, and creative. In my works I explore themes of self-discovery, hope, optimism, community, recovery, and compassion. You can find my work here.

For Roll Initiative Con 2023, I am  assisting Annemarie on things as the website, administration, and everything else I can get my hands on.

I’ve had some experience with event organisation and production during my time as chairperson and producer at WOW-EFFECT Theatre  

Logo of Fateful Seven. The outline of a d20 and all its sides, filled with a gradient that goes from purple to orange to yellow and green. In the middle sits a continental seven.

Fateful Seven

Label under which I publish original GM-less TTRPGs, as well as encounters and adventures for D&D 5e.

Logo of WOW-EFFECT Theatre. It show a heart within a blue circle. In the heart is a map of the world, centered on the Netherlands, in blue hues. Atop the heart sits the hand-writted text of "WE".


WOW-EFFECT Theatre is a non-profit multicultural amateur theatre community located in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. We write, produce and perform our own theatre plays in the English language with members from all walks of life and different cultural backgrounds.

Cover for the game "Drama! Drama! (and the Queen)". Vintage drawing of a theatre booth, with the audience members looking out of the booth. They are dressed in fine clothing.

Drama! Drama! (and the Queen)

You are a professional actor with a talent for the dramatic. Today is the big day: The performance of your lifetime.

Drama! Drama! (and the Queen) is a one-page fast-paced humorous game about impressing the Queen, while outperforming the other players.

About Mieke

Hi, I’m Mieke! I’m a freelance proofreader, text editor and translator, in English and Dutch, and from English to Dutch. I have been a geek about language and all things fantasy-related for as long as I can remember, so I decided to combine the two and make them my job. 

I help Annemarie with all text-related tasks and some website management. I basically function as a ‘check and test all’ in human form. 

Geek It Real Good

My freelance business page (in Dutch).

the logo of Roll Initiative Con, the text RIN CON is styalised within a small cube.

Logo by the Dungeon Madame

Thank you so much!

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