Becoming Involved with Rincon 2023

Would you like to become involved with Rincon 2023?

Thank you for your interest in becoming involved with Rincon 2023! There are many ways you can contribute.

For Speakers and Workshops

As of the Early Bird sale period, we are happy to report that Rincon 2023 is fully booked for Speakers and Workshops. We got the entire schedule covered and we’re very happy about it!

For vendors

Similarly, we do not currently offer any vendor spots, as all tables have been reserved beforehand. These reservations will stay valid until December 1st. In this time period we offer every vendor who made a reservation the chance to purchase vendor tickets. Should not all reserved tickets be sold, we will be open for new vendors to take over these vacant spots.

For Game Masters

We are still taking applications from Game Masters until December 1st!

LGBTQIA2+ GMs and GMs running games other than D&D are currently preferred, as we have not received many applications for these spots.

Interested in running a game? Please have a look at the Live Game Application form, and reach out if you have any questions.

For Volunteers

We will be looking for volunteers to run the affairs of the con on the con floor as well as in the background in the following weeks.

If you’ve got a Discord account, you can join our Discord and give yourself the “Volunteer” role. This way you will be informed of any updates on this as soon as possible.

You can join the Discord here.

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