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Specters of the Forgotten Shore – DnD 5e

6 april @ 10:30 13:30




🌐Language: English
📌Location: Live Game Room 2
🎤Hosted by: Finn

In an instant, the azure sky transformed into a swirling tempest of clouds. Despite your crew’s valiant struggle, your vessel succumbed to the stormy waves, sending you down under. But it was to soon for you to arrive at Davy Jones’ Locker; instead, you awaken on a forsaken isle, one unknown to you, a place your maps dare not mention. As your compass spins wildly in the eerie mist, you must work together with what’s left of your crew, if you ever wish to see port again.

Specters of the Forgotten Shore – DnD 5e

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If you are unable to make this panel or changed your mind, please email us at events@rollinitiativecon.nl so we can open up the spot for somebody else.

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