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The Advent of Ev – DnD 5e

6 april @ 18:00 22:00




🌐Language: English
📌Location: Live Game Room 2
🎤Hosted by: Wouter – Op Het Lijf Geschreven

Theme: Eldritch mystery/Horror

A strange aura hangs over the mountain valley. Every month the mountains quake and shiver, and seem to screech and echo with only one word: “EV! EV! EV!”

Towns have fallen silent, roads have been left untravelled and cities have collapsed under recurring earthquakes. Local scholars stipulate that the next occurance might mean doom for the entire valley. Unless you and your party can put an end to it…

The Advent of Ev – DnD 5e

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If you are unable to make this panel or changed your mind, please email us at events@rollinitiativecon.nl so we can open up the spot for somebody else.

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