Vendors at RINCON 15 april 2023

Roll Initiative Con 2023 will feature a variety of vendors from all over Europe. Do you wish to view the vendors & artists as a list including websites DOWNLOAD the list here.

We are very thankful to all vendors for their trust and support.

The text "SHifting Lands by GeBoom" in white on a dark blue rounded triangle.


Shiftinglands will be selling tools that help you build your own world.

Jack of Dice

Dobbelstenen, D&D boeken, accessoires, en miniaturen.' Logo. The text "CCGwinkelnl" in stencil font surrounded by a ring. Black and white.

Free league publishing, (Archon Studio) Dungeons and lasers, Q-workshop Dice, Reaper Miniatures, paints and painting utensils, IndieRPGs and more.

Dungeons and Dice

Dungeons and Dice sells dice, miniatures and more articles for various TTRPGs.

FAE Games

Ik verkoop mijn zelfgeschreven en uitgegeven boeken voor D&D.

De Dobbelsteen

De Dobbelsteen is een spellenspeciaalzaak met vestigingen in Den Bosch en Tilburg. Met een zeer ruim assortiment aan bord- en kaartspellen, en ook hobbyspellen als Warhammer en Magic the Gathering.

Project Epos

Tools, options and stories for D&D 5e. This includes short one-shots, flyers with a session on it, softcover books but also hardcover books and small zines containing more adventures or information to expand your game world.

The Speechless Bard

Custom handmade D&D accessories and tools, made from (mostly) leather and engraved/painted with illustrations of our own designs.

Helden op Papier

Helden op Papier is een uitgeverij van Nederlandstalige avonturen voor de vijfde editie van ‘s wereld populairste roleplayinggame. Gebroken Licht is de campaignsetting of spelwereld waarin de door Helden op Papier uitgegeven avonturen zich afspelen.

LT Publications

LT Publications heeft zich als missie gesteld om rollenspelen te herintroduceren in het Nederlandse

Faefire miniatures

Creating wonderfull unqiue 3D printable models for tabletop games!

Side Quest Shop

Your North, East, South and Quest for all your tabletop gaming needs!----------------------------------------------Special event at con ------------------------------- Who cares about the main quest?! Time to go on a side quest!

You have been summoned to go on a side quest at Sidequestshop! Sidequestshop will have a questboard at their shop. There you will find side quests which range from simple fetch quest to solving an impossible pirate puzzle. Upon completion of the side quest the adventurer will be rewarded!
Good luck and may the dice roll in your favor.

Disclaimer : Rewards may vary on NPC. Sidequestshop is not responisible for battles with goblins, orcs and every other monster, fun included.

Logo of Ambientsphere


We sell subscriptions to a web-app that allows you to create a complete and immersive audio environment (from music to weather etc) for your TTRPGs.

ArtisticFauns's Logo. The text "ArtisticFaun - Claudia van Bakel" on a blue background with snakes around it.

Artistic Faun

Artisticfaun sells whimsical personal art inspired by fantasy & folklore stories, combined with creating custom digital and/or traditional artwork for people’s D&D characters.


Comic Artist, graduated at ArtEZ in Zwolle Netherlands for Stories and Design. When I draw I try to use the right knowledge and skills that I have obtained through the years make it into something amazing.


We sell large (3D printed) dice, most of which will be made using wood filament, dice jails in a variety of colours, and dice towers.

Barbwire & Roses

Handmade dice bags & dice trays, D&D loot boxes and miniature loot boxes.

Tafels om een bordspel op te spelen of als Legotafel en legpuzzeltafel.

The Beastly Brush

The Beastly Brush sells painted miniatures for DnD or other TTRPGs.

The Blue Pangolin

The Blue Pangolin sells Deck of Many Things boxes, cards and art prints.


Merchandise of own work and TTRPG inspired designs in stickers, prints, dice pins and jewelry (handmade), stationary, and more!

Kapitein Kleerhaak

Handmade costumes & leatherwork

Sacred Fire Games

Our goal is to create a platform for E-sports whether it is casual or competitive. We are in the process of creating a positive social environment in which students can share their love and passion in playing games. We facilitate this by organizing social, casual, competitive and academic events.

Grid Stuff

At GridStuff, you will find high-quality battlemaps for use in fantasy games such as Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Frostgrave and Warhammer. Each map translates unique fantasy environments to your table. The maps are strong, durable, water-resistant and easy to clean!

Empire of Minis

Miniatures, busts and a whole lot more... We offer a wide range of high quality and afforable 3D printed miniatures and busts for the painting and tabletop role-playing enthusiasts.

CorruptedSunrise's logo. A yellow eye within a yellow circle with spikes, on a purple background.


Buttons, pins, keychains, earrings, art prints, stickers, commissions, and tote bags.


TheCraftingDm sells handcrafted terrain and tabletop accessories.

Crafty Kobolds

Dice, Dice Trays, Metal Coins, and much more.

Critical Terrain

Critical Terrain sells 3D printed tabletop terrain and a variety of battle mats.

DnD Must Haves

Character Sheets, Spell Cards, Monster cards, sheets for note taking for DnD 5e, terrain and products to keep track of in-game stats.

Anna Draws Stuff

Art, buttons, keychains and more


Arts and crafts to inspire your fantasy


3D printed miniatures and terrain pieces for 28mm tabletop RPGs.

Dungeon Mouse

The Dungeon Mouse sells crafted products, terrain, notebooks, dice bags, some jewellery.

Else Wolters

Else Wolters will sell buttons, stickers and posters of various sizes with original illustrations.


Thematic room to rent for your most epic D&D/TTRPG session. Come; Stay, Dine & Play

Mini Printen

Highest quality 3D prints & woodworking Customised for your tabletop needs


FeenCon is a German-speaking, but internationally minded roleplaying and fantasy convention in Bonn, Germany.

Games & Geekery

Official D&D Books, Boardgames, Chessex Dice, Crafted Health Potions.

The text "Goblin's Hoard", with a similing goblin's face between both words.

Goblin's Hoard

Dice, Notebooks, self made leather dice bags, some jewellery, pins and more.

Realm Architect

Stop metagaming. Our toolkit's (A multi VVT toolkit) got your back. We've got everything you need to keep your campaign running smoothly.

Imp Prints Art

Original artwork by Imp Prints Art.


Our goal is to create a platform for E-sports whether it is casual or competitive. We are in the process of creating a positive social environment in which students can share their love and passion in playing games. We facilitate this by organizing social, casual, competitive and academic events.

Jayanti Sewnath

Jayanti Sewnath sells cute art prints, commissions, jewelry and stickers/buttons/pins.

Lazy Spring

I sell Dnd Character commissions as well as fanart (mainly inspired by games, anime and movies) as well as original artworks and prints.

The Lugon Project

We will sell pins, adventures and other small TTRPG things.


Miniatures and larger figurines, mainly focused on Dungeons and Dragons.


MarsmanCrafts sells handmade tabletop scenery.


3D prints (minifiguren, scenery, accessoires, busts etc.) en losse handgemaakt/samengestelde items voor tabletop gaming.

Tabletop by Mokum Crafts

Handmade tabletop scenery by Mokum Crafts.


Nerdyglazen sells engraved glasses with motives ranging from gaming to personalised gifts.


Fantasy and Sci-fi inspired artworks and merchandise.


I sell handmade dice sets, singles, chonks, dice earrings, mini’s, dice trays, stickers, and buttons.

The logo of Red Eyed Rabbit. A

Red Eyed Rabbit

Ambrosia (dark fantasy RPG inspired by the history and folklore of the Low Countries) and other RPGs.

Quest Nest

We will be selling a GM-Friendly Adventure.

Ready Set Game

Selling Polyhedral Dice Sets (made from resin, gemstone, glass, or metal).



Victory Dice

Victory Dice sells handmade dice and miniatures.

Allen voor Eef

I’m Eef (they/them) and I love playing D&D and drawing expressive characters. Whether they be my own, my favorite characters from shows and games, or yours! Come on by to inquire about quick sketch commissions. And while you're here, you'll also find art prints for Critical Role, Dragon Age, and Zelda, and of course lots of D&D themed stuff.

Team Paraluna Dice Shop

The Epic Cosplay duo Team Paraluna also has a shop for their Handmade dice for Dungeons and Dragons!

Yvis Nerd & Geek World

Yvis Nerd & Geek World is the German shop for all your playing needs, dice and more! They are also an independent publisher.

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