Mini painting, incl. mini

Cost Description 🌐Language: English/Dutch📌Location: Crafting Room🎤Hosted by: Studio Ginart Tijdens RINCon begint het avontuur pas echt. Geef je D&D character kleur tijdens een toffe miniatuurschilderworkshop onder deskundige begeleiding van professioneel […]

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Roll Initiative Con 2024

Saturday 10:00 – 22:00 Sunday 10:00 – 22:00 All Dutch, International Minded The second edition of the Con will happen on 6 & 7, April 2024 in the small town […]

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Hoe(d) ga ik moeilijke gesprekken aan? TALK

Cost Description 🌐Language: Dutch📌Location: Difficult talk tent / outside area🎤Hosted by: Rebecca Heb je soms het gevoel dat je DM de pik op je heeft? Merk je dat een medespeler […]

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Roleplaying voor beginners

Cost Description 🌐Language: Dutch📌Location: Workshoproom 2🎤Hosted by: Lisa & Yomi Have you finally gathered a group of friends and found the perfect date to play Dungeon and dragons together, but […]

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DM Academy

Cost Description 🌐Language: English📌Location: Workshoproom 1🎤Hosted by: Luuk “Having trouble getting into DMing? No problem!In this chaotic workshop, you will get the chance to learn DMing quickly! We will start […]

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Way of the Mandalorians – Star Wars TTRPG

Cost Description 🌐Language: English📌Location: Live Game Room 1🎤Hosted by: Joachim – Spelslot Join a Mandalorian Bounty Hunters Party and dive into the dirty underbelly Corusant, the city planet at the […]

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Zombie world

Cost Description 🌐Language: English📌Location: Live Game Room 1🎤Hosted by: Koen – Skoen’s tavern en Traveling Tavern Zombie World is a card-based tabletop roleplaying game of survivors fighting against the living […]

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Cursed River of Shispyria – DnD 5e

Cost Description 🌐Language: English📌Location: Live Game Room – NEURO ROOM🎤Hosted by: Rasim – Dutch Wyverns A group of adventurers enter a small village worn out and plagued by a poisoned […]

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Das Ritual des Bösen – DnD 5e

Cost Description 🌐Language: German📌Location: Live Game Room 1🎤Hosted by: Anne Ihr seid eine Truppe von Abenteuern die ein Ritual aufhalten sollen welches die Vorwahrnungen eines großen Übels sind welches die […]

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Amsterdam by Night – Vampire: the Masquerade (V5) 18+

Cost Description 🌐Language: English📌Location: Live Game Room 1🎤Hosted by: Sandra March 2015: The Sheriff Adam Koopman requests the coterie to join him at Elysium. As you all know, Prince Adelheid […]

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