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Blackout – Delta Green

GM: Gio
Language: NL
Max players: 6

26 oktober @ 11:15 15:15

“As consciousness returns, heads spinning slightly, you find yourselves lying on a chilly stone floor. A lone light pulsates overhead, casting a pallid glow across the room. Stone walls enclose you, while a smooth, white ceiling looms overhead. Two doors stand sentinel in one wall. Amidst the silence, only your breath and the soft hum of the peculiar light permeate the air. Two tiny pools of wax mark the floor.
Want to find out what happened to you?
Join this Halloween horror traitor one shot powered by Delta Green!”

Character Creation:
No, I will bring pregens

Extra notes:
18+ years old, IC: English ; OOC: Dutch; dice, pencils and charactersheets will be provided.

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Blackout – Delta Green

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