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Camp Blood: No One Survives the Woods Tonight (the sequel) – Ten Candles

GM: Grace
Language: ENG
Max players: 4

26 oktober @ 11:30 15:30

You have been waiting. You have earned it. It… is Spring Break at last! Rock on! Finally a vacation away from the rigors of education and tribulations of your upcoming final exams. Most of your friends have headed home or to some distant tropical beach, but you don’t need anything so fancy. Just a week away with a few kegs in the truck bed and the keys to a remote cabin one of you were able to snag for the much anticipated week off.

Camp Blood is set against the backdrop of your typical 80s slasher with one dark twist: tonight there will be no final girl (cue lightning flashes and 3D movie title)

Character creation:
We will do character creation together on the day

Character creation is partially random, partially up to your fellow players and your imagination. No preparation necessary – it’s part of the game <3

Extra notes:
Room needs to be dark

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Camp Blood: No One Survives the Woods Tonight (the sequel) – Ten Candles

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