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DM academy

🌐Language: English
📌Location: Workshoproom 1
🎤Hosted by: Luuk – Electric boogaloo
🪑Max. Participants: 16

26 oktober @ 11:30 13:30

Having troubles getting into DMing? No problem! In this chaotic workshop, you will get the chance to learn DMing quickly! We will start off with some simple warm up questions, but soon enough, the real workshop begins:

One campaign will be made ánd played in this workshop which is created by áll participants. The idea is that four groups of four people will be made so that they can prepare different parts of this campaign.

The story is as follows: There is a party where a murder occurs!!

The story consists of four parts:
– Starting the quest
– The investigation
– The confrontation
– The betrayal

This means that the later parts will have to improvise more based on the earlier parts!

After the campaign is made, the groups will mingle, so that every party will have one of each group. Then every person will DM a part of the campaign in order.

With this workshop you will be able to learn quickly from each other while building your part together ánd DMing the part you built together! And if you are not a DM yet, might be a good way to see if you will like it 😉

Everything you need will be provided in this workshop, including player characters. If you want to prepare beforehand, you are more than welcome to bring you own input!”

🌟 Exciting Changes at RINCON This Year! 🌟

To make RINCON run smoother and put less pressure on our amazing volunteers, we’re trying something new!
This year, we will only require RSVP for events that cost money. All other events will be on a walk-in basis until they’re full. So, make sure to plan ahead and arrive on time at the right location to join your favorite event! Please note that live games will still require an RSVP.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We look forward to seeing you at RINCON!

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