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Forgetting Doomsday – Numenera / Cypher System

GM: Francisca – The Noenoevault
Language: ENG
Max players: 6

26 oktober @ 18:45 21:45

“Generations ago, two brothers founded villages as they dreamed of creating amazing devices to better the world. Their settlements grew, but ultimately they bickered, the villages fought, and eventually war ruined their dreams—and left the once-fertile valley between the villages a wasteland filled with shattered installations, dormant war machines, and dangerous devices of inscrutable purpose.

But now the inhabitants are forgetting. Not just these events of generations past, but also their own names, the faces of their loved ones, and even how to speak, walk, and eat. Something has awakened in the valley, and it is destroying the minds and memories of your town. Can you discover the source and end this threat—and perhaps find common cause with your ancient enemy?”

Character Creation:
Yes players CAN make their own char but I ALSO will bring pregens

Starting level characters

Extra notes:

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Forgetting Doomsday – Numenera / Cypher System

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