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Ghost light – When the End Comes (slasher horror TTRPG)

GM: Sandra
Language: ENG
Max players: 5

26 oktober @ 11:15 14:15

Opening night is almost here, and the stress is running at an all-time high within the theatre company. The director is on edge, and has ordered a late night rehearsal to straighten things out. The janitor of the theatre has voiced his concerns: there should be no rehearsals in the theatre after midnight, or else… But the director is adamant: there will be a rehearsal tonight, even if it’s the last thing they do. Famous last words? Will cast and crew make it to opening night? Or will the company give a new meaning to the expression ‘ghost light’?

Character creation:
We will do character creation together on the day


Extra notes:
18+ due to horror. Content warnings: death of (n)pcs, injuries to (n)pcs (though not described in detail), supernatural phenomena, ghosts

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Ghost light – When the End Comes (slasher horror TTRPG)

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