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Halloween ’86 – Monsterhearts 2e

GM: Estelle
Language: ENG
Max players: 4

26 oktober @ 16:00 20:00

Hillbury, Colorado, 1986.

Today’s the day – Halloween is finally here. At 16 years old, you shouldn’t really be excited about dressing up and hoarding candy, right? Except dressing up is just the relief you need from your life. School, friendships, family drama… Add being a monster on top of that. But this Halloween seems different. Hillbury seems different. Perhaps it’s not safe to go out tonight. Not even as a monster…

Character creation:
Player NEED to make their OWN char before the game

– pick one of the “classes” (called Skins here) – if people need help, I’m down to help of course!
– come up with a short characterization – what kind of person is this?
– create at least one family member/friend/etc. (just a name, age, and description of your relationship is plenty!)

Extra notes:
Be prepared this oneshot might get a bit gory! I’ll match the tone/vibe a bit depending on what people can handle, but it’s definitely not all lighthearted fun. Bring 2d6 dice & charactersheet.

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Halloween ’86 – Monsterhearts 2e

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