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Hopes last day – ALIEN RPG

GM: Jelle
Language: ENG
Max players: 5

26 oktober @ 14:30 18:30

The colony is in crisis but no one knows shit whats really going on. On top of that, a company science team arrived that sets up even more speculation. Crisis or nor not, you guys got a job to do outside the colony. A maintenance to Processor 9, a routine job. On your way back to the colony, your vehicle broke down. You tried to contact the colony, they told you to sit tight and they would help you if they can. A day later, still no one there to help you guys out. The comms are just static and you guys decide to walk back to the colony. Arriving at the east gate, the story of your life begins……

Character creation:
No, I will bring pregens


Extra notes:

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Hopes last day – ALIEN RPG

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