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Lock onto death, a one shot written by the dungeon madame – DnD5e

GM: Ryan
Language: ENG
Max players: 4

26 oktober @ 19:00 22:00

“A message about an infestation terrorizing the necromancy students of Liuxian’s school for the gifted has been posted on a notice board.
They’ve requested the help of mercenaries to come in and rid the school of the infestation, which has slowly been growing out of control. As more mercenary bands run from the task at hand, students are getting injured, one has gone missing, your party will be the schools’ last hope.
Unbeknownst to the characters, the infestation is merely a distraction, and as they begin to explore the ruined classrooms of the necromancy basement, they will slowly realise something more malevolent is going on.”

Welcome! This guide will provide you all the information you need to run this one-shot adventure. Within these pages you’ll find an engaging story to navigate your players through a menagerie of undead mayhem and pernicious rituals, whether you are an experienced dungeon master leading knowledgeable players or a first-time explorer.
Enter this entertaining investigation of mysterious rites and infestations. Those in power try to find a solution when a pupil disappears from their classes and mercenary bands are unsuccessful in ridding the halls of these pests. Join the hunt to uncover the cause of these incidents and learn why they are occurring in the halls of this prestigious school.

Character creation:
Yes players CAN make their own char but I ALSO will bring pregens

lvl 6 characters, point buy 27, starting equipment

Extra notes:
A set of Dice

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Lock onto death, a one shot written by the dungeon madame – DnD5e

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