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Love’s Lost Children – Call of Cthulhu 18+

GM: Andrew
Language: ENG
Max players: 6

26 oktober @ 11:15 14:45

An adventure set in modern day New York. Players are Govt Agents assigned to the FBI Shadow Files Unit. The Unit is led by the infamous maverick hardman Agent Spugbinder. You are tasked with investigating the murder of a young woman in New York. The Shadow Files is tasked with apprehending serial killers.

This adventure takes its influences from CSI, Criminal Minds, The Shield and the X-Files. Elements of Delta Green and Cthulhu Now!
Strong adult themes of malaise, decay and horror.

Character Creation:
No, I will bring pregens

Starting level characters

Extra notes:
It has some strong adult themes – players will meet drug users and sex workers. Players will not be subjected to undertaking those elements.18+.

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Love’s Lost Children – Call of Cthulhu 18+

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