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Of Faces Forgotten – Candela Obscura

GM: Ash
Language: ENG
Max players: 4

26 oktober @ 14:30 18:30

A private detective hired to search for a missing person ends up dead in an alleyway with his face completely bare—all of his features have disappeared.
You are investigators of Candela Obscura, hired to find out what has happened.

Character creation:
Yes players CAN make their own char but I ALSO will bring pregens

As Candela Obscura is a mostly RP-heavy game, with only a small set of Specialties (the subclasses, so to say), there’s no particular need for balancing and all specialties are open. Given its setting, it is a human-only world and for people that want to make their own characters I both have the digital version of the sourcebook that I can share with them as well as options to help build character. A quickstart to the game and system can be found here: as well as on the Crit website: that people can use.

Extra notes:
Bring multiple D6

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Of Faces Forgotten – Candela Obscura

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