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Plagues of Tazzerok – DnD 5e

GM: Finn
Language: ENG
Max players: 6

26 oktober @ 18:45 21:45

The dense, untamed jungles of Tazzerok conceal a city now gripped by a mysterious and deadly plague. Once a bustling haven, its streets are now haunted by the infected, displaying bizarre and unsettling symptoms unknown to even the most seasoned clerics. As the city teeters on the brink of collapse, you and your allies arrive into the heart of the chaos. Confronted by an epidemic that turns the afflicted into aggressive, twisted beings, you must unravel the dark secret behind the contagion. Will you succeed in saving the city of Tazzerok, or will you the trees become your grave?

Character Creation:
No, I will bring pregens


Extra notes:

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Plagues of Tazzerok – DnD 5e

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