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The Horror Journey – Keeping it clear, keeping it Moving, Keeping it Scary

🌐Language: English
📌Location: Speakerroom
🎤Hosted by: Mike

26 oktober @ 19:45 20:45

Each story, unique as it may be, follows somewhat predictable patterns. Being aware of these patterns can be helpful, as they provide a roadmap for your campaign. In this talk, I will explore the flow of stories and explain why this approach is effective, especially in horror games. I also hope my presentation will help you simplify and clarify your storytelling.

🌟 Exciting Changes at RINCON This Year! 🌟

To make RINCON run smoother and put less pressure on our amazing volunteers, we’re trying something new!
This year, we will only require RSVP for events that cost money. All other events will be on a walk-in basis until they’re full. So, make sure to plan ahead and arrive on time at the right location to join your favorite event! Please note that live games will still require an RSVP.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We look forward to seeing you at RINCON!

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