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Arnhem by Night – Vampire the Masquerade

GM: Sanne
Language: ENG
Max players: 5

26 oktober @ 19:00 22:00

The pandemic has died down a fair bit, and it seems like life as normal has returned. Even more so for the Kindred, seeing how their favourite food is back on the streets. But not everything has returned to normal just yet. Prince Victor has been having weird premonitions lately. They’re filled with long shadows, flashes of sharp teeth, and just a general queasy feeling. To help him find what he is seeing, he’s called in a favour from an old friend. This friend will be arriving tonight, on Deelen air base.

There is, however, one problem with this. There has been some unusual and unwelcome activity on the Veluwe*. Your sires have a great debt to the Prince. And thus you are the lucky ones to make sure the air base is safe enough for the Prince’s friend to land there. Please report to Elysium at 19:00 on October 26th.

* The Veluwe is the general area in which Deelen air base can be found

Character creation:
No, I will bring pregens


Extra notes:
You’re free to bring 10 d10 dice if you want to roll your own, but I’ll provide them as well

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The Mysterious Mansion – Vampire the Masquerade

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