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When horror becomes personal – A Safety tool talk

🌐Language: English
📌Location: Crafting Room
🎤Hosted by: Peter – Sirly Whirly
🪑Max. Participants: 40

26 oktober @ 19:45 21:45

🌑 Talk: Safely Exploring Personal Fears in TTRPGs 🌑

Join us for a compelling talk on safely navigating personal fears in TTRPGs, led by an experienced facilitator from the Utrecht RPG Night. Discover how “RPGs as ritual” and safety tools can create deeper, more meaningful experiences for players. This session aims to raise awareness and provide valuable insights for the community.

Topics include:

  • The intention behind setting up serious sessions where players can safely confront their fears.
  • Frameworks and existing methods to facilitate this process, such as:
  • Ritual in Game Design
  • Safety Tools for Tabletop RPGs
  • Applying tools at your own table: how much or how little to use? Which tools? Explicit or implicit application?
  • Adapting tools to meet your table’s needs without compromising their purpose.
  • Essential skills for game masters to safely guide players, including time management and transitioning between deep exploration and light engagement.

This talk will feature real-life examples and open the floor for audience contributions and questions. Enhance your understanding and approach to creating safe, impactful TTRPG sessions.

🌟 Exciting Changes at RINCON This Year! 🌟

To make RINCON run smoother and put less pressure on our amazing volunteers, we’re trying something new!
This year, we will only require RSVP for events that cost money. All other events will be on a walk-in basis until they’re full. So, make sure to plan ahead and arrive on time at the right location to join your favorite event! Please note that live games will still require an RSVP.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We look forward to seeing you at RINCON!

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