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Your players will dig this – factions in your sandbox campaign

🌐Language: English
📌Location: Speakerroom
🎤Hosted by: Wojtek – Dancing Dice RPG

26 oktober @ 18:30 19:30

In this talk I want to show a method for using fractions to make a sandbox campaign for any TTRPG system. I will show you a simple method that will allow you to easily implement factions into your game, and generate plots on the fly, by simply rolling dice. This technique is useful for any GM, and solo player, even for the ones that are just looking to get started.

🌟 Exciting Changes at RINCON This Year! 🌟

To make RINCON run smoother and put less pressure on our amazing volunteers, we’re trying something new!
This year, we will only require RSVP for events that cost money. All other events will be on a walk-in basis until they’re full. So, make sure to plan ahead and arrive on time at the right location to join your favorite event! Please note that live games will still require an RSVP.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We look forward to seeing you at RINCON!

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